June 3, 2009
Okay, I'm back (again) with some (more) news. Bad news first:

Darkness shant exist no longer.

This is because I recently installed Ubuntu Linux, and Darkness was made with Microsoft products. (Well, the posted version wasn't, but as I had started working on it, I started using Direct3D.)

The good news:

I will start updating the site more often! (hopefully)

The reason for this is that C0E now has a .tk, meaning no more ch0senentertainment.synthasite.com, just ch0senentertainment.tk. Tk's license says that if more people don't start coming to this site, they'll take away our .tk. People won't come if this site stays incomplete and boring. Therefore, I shall try to complete most of the site's projects.

Returned with news

April 8, 2009
After a long period of silence, C0E almost died. :(

But now I'm back, and with me I bring Ch0senEntertainment's first real project! If I can get over my procrastination habit, then we might actually do something more than hog a corner of the Internet. Anyways, check out our Projects page to look at Darkness -- A Ch0sen game.

Even better, my good friend known as YoungWalke (the same way I'm known as TheCh0senGamer) may help me with beta testing and scripting. I won't release the full source just...
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A little bit of Game Dev

February 2, 2009
I just recently got into game dev -- The development of games. What's cool about it is that, well, who doesn't like to play games? I've found that it's a fun and rewarding hobby. Sooner or later, I'll post a new tutorial on the basics of game dev.

And yes, I'm *ugh* still trying to get those GIMP tutorials up. I might just convert them to text, if I have to.

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December 13, 2008
Hey guys, guess what's still on your fingers after you wash them?

New project -- Bacteria.png
GIMP tutorial coming soon!

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Ch0senEntertainment now has a SourceForge profile!

December 9, 2008
Yay! I just created a SourceForge profile for this site. Everything in this site's Projects page will be on the profile as well. I thought I should celebrate, because I was bored. So I said yay.

Here's the link:

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Yay, more C++

December 9, 2008
I just added to the C++ Basics tutorial, so check it out. (When you reach the end, of course, there is no next page. That is still in the works.) I'm still trying to get those video tuts up, I don't know if YouTube's screwed or what. I'll try to get them up as soon as I can.

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December 7, 2008
Added a projects section, but it doesn't have anything in it yet. I'll add some stuff when I have stuff to add. Later.

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A Little Better

December 3, 2008
Good evening all, over the past week or so I've added half of a C++ tutorial, and updated the About the Author page. I'm currently working on two more video tutorials, but I can't get YouTube to work, so it may take a while. I hope to get those up soon (and figure out how to work CamStudio lol). Until then!

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Coming Soon

November 23, 2008
Due to this site's critical imcompleteness, our blog will be put off for until the site if a whole lot better. See you then, and thanks for stopping by.

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